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Looks like another girl hero has been created,who doesn't kill demons or vampires.For Sydney Bristow, a vivacious, athletic grad student, it's a typical day in her life at her not-so-typical after-school job: she's an agent for SD-6, a top-secret division of the CIA -- and she's being tortured.Recruited freshman year, the then-shy-and-lonely Sydney jumped at the chance to be part of something bigger than Comp 101 and Calculus II. Little did she know how great she'd be at espionage or how much she'd love it. Today, Sydney still kicks serious butt for SD-6, but she's no longer shy or alone. Boyfriend Danny has proposed, and Sydney's facing a huge dilemma: what does she want from the rest of her life, and what does she tell Danny? Revealing her secret is verboten, and if there's one rule you don't break -- this is the one rule you don't break. But Sydney breaks it. Suddenly, Sydney's world is spun terrifyingly sideways: Danny's in grave danger, and Sydney's in a fight for her life, learning way too much, way too fast. She discovers that her long-estranged father is also SD-6 and that the organization might be covering up a secretly nefarious purpose.From the Felicity creator J.J. Abrams.Forget James Bond. Forget Emma Peel. Sydney Bristow is a completely modern young woman in a thoroughly contemporary, high-octane, highly emotional new series.(Some text was used from the abc site.)

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